Regional Arts Education Day

Regional Arts Education Day (RAED) is a one-day professional learning event held annually in October. Educators from schools and arts organizations gather to engage in presentations and conversations about topics of interest.

Motivate. Inspire. Empower.

How do you stay motivated, find inspiration, and feel empowered for the school year ahead? What can you do to motivate, inspire, and empower your students, colleagues, and others? Find out at Regional Arts Education Day 2016!

Recharge your professional learning by spending the day with the Art Education Collaborative at the annual Regional Arts Education Day on October 10, 2016. Reconnect with other art and music educators from across the Pittsburgh region. Hear from our keynote, Pennsylvania’s 2015 Teacher of the Year and Fox Chapel Area music educator, Mairi Cooper. Design your day by choosing three different breakout sessions, all presented by regional educators. Learn more about resources and opportunities from Remake Learning, be inspired by innovative arts programming for students with special needs, explore new ideas for using media arts, and so much more!

The event is from 8am until 4pm at Gateway Senior High School. Participants will earn 6 hours of Act 48 credit upon completing the event evaluation.

Registration is now closed for RAED 2016.


Breakout Sessions

Below you will find descriptions of the breakout sessions that have been confirmed for Regional Arts Education Day 2016. We are continuing to confirm sessions, so check back for updates.

Hip Hop Pedagogy

Undoubtedly, the Hip Hop culture is the primary culture embraced by youth all over the world. 1Hood Media stands as the antithesis of the negative stereotypes associated with Hip Hop and uses Hip Hop to promote social change in the ways that the founding fathers intended. This workshop will showcase how we utilize the Hip Hop Pedagogy to educate, influence, and empower young people. This workshop/panel will look at the various dimensions of media literacy, who’s behind the media in an attempt to uncover the underlying themes and messages in relation to the target audience, and how these images are interpreted and internalized as well as externalized effecting individual, communities, cultures, and society.

What Teaching Artists Bring to the Classroom

This active, participatory session focuses on the relationships between arts specialists and teaching artists as well as resources for, and challenges to, the development of classroom collaborations between these two communities of arts educators.

How Collaboration Shapes Innovation: A Guide to the Remake Learning Network

Join Sunanna Chand from Remake Learning to discover how the Remake Learning Network, a coalition of over 250+ organizations in the Pittsburgh region, can help bring innovation to your educational setting. Participants will learn about the Remake Learning Network, begin to develop visions for STEM/STEAM/Maker programs, and brainstorm partnerships that can help bring those visions to reality. Participants will also receive information and guidance on how to apply for Remake Learning and STEAM grants to support their innovative work.

Finding PD You’ll LOVE!

This session will look at a variety of opportunities available to you to grow as artists, teachers, and people. From nationwide institutes to engaging programs right in your own backyard, learn about some amazing opportunities where you can earn credits, travel, and even make money!

Apps for Educators

During this interactive session, participants will learn to use three software tools to monitor student progress, deepen student reflection, and present student work across the curriculum. This session is appropriate for teachers of all grade levels and subject areas.

Student Centered Lessons in Your Middle School Music Classroom/Rehearsals

Let’s discuss and explore ways that can we empower our middle school music students to be creative and take an active role in their learning. Participants will plan and prepare lessons that incorporate student centered pedagogy that they can take back to their classrooms.

Remake Learning Network Support Services

Participants will learn about Remake Learning Network support services including community building, communications, and grant opportunities. Participants will be able to ask questions and get assistance with transforming an idea into a grant proposal.

“VET”ting Media-Making for a Converged World

The majority of media tools utilized in schools today are older than our students’ parents, and our approach to engaging with video, images, and words needs a reboot. As media converges, it’s not just the next generation of creatives who need new tools… in the business world, sophisticated media skills are already an imperative. But with thousands of technologies and infinite options, what’s the best use of media in a classroom?

Artist and Teacher: My Quest

Being a successful artist and a full-time teacher is quite a challenge. If you truly are an artist, however, you have no choice. This session will demonstrate how to achieve the successful integration of your craft and teaching.

Partners Classes: Incorporating Life Skills Students into the General School Population

This session will lead participants through the journey that Belle Vernon Area High School traveled to provide inclusion opportunities to the Life Skills students. One of the main benefits to our “Partners Program” is to enrich and empower all students in the class, promoting a sense of life long learning.

AEC Liaison Forum

AEC’s designated school district liaisons are invited to come together with AEC Director Sarah Tambucci and Manager of Operations Phoebe Stern to identify current issues and interests, as well as to share effective practices. Liaisons will participate in activities that will assist them in determining what resources are available in their networks to tackle current challenges and brainstorm potential partnerships.

2016 Highlights

The focus of RAED 2015 was meeting students where they are. The keynote speaker was Dr. Wanda Knight, Penn State University.




continuing education hours awarded


breakout sessions

In event evaluations, participants said the following about aspects of the day:

  • The keynote speaker was absolutely fascinating and inspiring, as well as frustrating to a degree. I wish the road ahead was smoother, but presenters such as the keynote speaker and organizations like AEC will likely make the journey more passable.

  • Having the chance to hear others talk about what we do and how we do it is inspiring and motivating.

  • All of the breakout sessions were extremely relevant to my everyday teaching life.

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