Identifying and Supporting Quality Arts Education Programs

Identifying and Supporting Quality Arts Education Programs is a new program for administrators. Participants receive Act 45/PIL credit upon successful completion of the program.

School- and district-level administrators ready to make system-wide change are invited to apply for AEC’s newest offering. This program focuses on an administrator’s role in hiring new arts teachers, supporting them through induction, and providing them with resources and purposeful feedback to improve teaching and learning.

During the program, participants will work in teams to create blueprints for arts education in their schools or districts. These blueprints include job descriptions, interview protocols, model lesson parameters, and characteristics and examples of arts SLOs, among other resources.

This program expands on the “Arts Education 101” focus of Community of Learners for Arts Education (CLAE) and provides participants with an opportunity to create a comprehensive arts manual for their district; however, participation in CLAE is not a prerequisite.

Participants receive 36 Act 45/PIL hours upon completion.

Registration fee: $400 from the first person from a school or district, and $200 for each additional person from the same school or district

Applications for the current cohort are closed. Applications for the next cohort will open in 2018.

Contact Jamie Kasper for more information.

Jamie KasperIdentifying and Supporting Quality Arts Education Programs