Deadline is Approaching for CLAE I & II

Deadline to apply is September 8

Do you need to finish out your Act 45/PIL hours for this cycle? Are you interested in learning more about how strong arts programs foster academiccognitivepersonal, and social and civic outcomes that improve learning across the curriculum?

AEC has two programs for you! Join us in the 2017-2018 school year for rich learning, meaningful art-making, and good food.

Community of Learners for Arts Education (CLAE)

School- and district-level administrators new to the world of arts education should consider participating in the CLAE program. CLAE is “Arts Education 101” to help school and district administrators to support quality arts learning for their students. Participants dig into research, gather data, and create a project to benefit students in their district.

Learn more and apply on our website.

Identifying and Supporting Quality Arts Education Programs (CLAE II)

In this program, participants work in teams to create blueprints for arts education in their schools or districts. These blueprints include job descriptions, interview protocols, model lesson parameters, and characteristics and examples of arts SLOs, among other resources.

This program expands on the “Arts Education 101” focus of CLAE and provides participants with an opportunity to create a comprehensive arts manual for their district. Participation in CLAE is not a prerequisite for CLAE II.

Learn more and apply on our website.

ArtsEdCollabDeadline is Approaching for CLAE I & II

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